Energy Frontrunners ’23: Heatrix’s “Hairdryer-Like” Solution Could Help Decarbonise Industry

“I always wanted to go to space but then I realised that staying on earth and tackling climate change is much more impactful,” explains Heatrix co-founder, Wei Wu. We sat down with the engineer and entrepreneur and the winner of the Industry category to find out how heavy industry could quickly decarbonise in our latest Energy Frontrunners interview.

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Each year, we take a closer look at the 15 finalists and five category winners from that year’s SET Awards. Meet the finalists for SET Award 2023 and check out the rest of the series for our exclusive interviews with our five winners.

This week it’s the young German start-up created between three innovative university students who saw a gap in the market and a vital process that was needed. Their early stage solution which, in their own words, operates and looks like a giant “hairdryer”, has the potential to revolutionise industrial processes. By developing a low-cost method to store industrial process heat for later use (rather than letting it go to waste), Heatrix’s solution could potentially decarbonise some of the largest processes and sectors on the planet.

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The Best Solutions for Industry in 2023

Joining Heatrix in the Industry category was Spain’s BeChained and Rondo Energy from the USA. With this category we recognise the best international start-ups working on viable solutions to decarbonise one of largest and most complex sectors on the planet. Change here could make huge differences to multiple, interrelated industries and businesses.

Stay tuned for more SET Award 2023 Energy Frontrunner stories coming soon. Next up: Buildings & Construction with Hyperion Robotics. Until then, check out our YouTube channel where the Energy Frontrunners series is also available as mobile-friendly Shorts.

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