SET 2019 Kicks-off at World Energy Week

The Start Up Energy Transition Award 2019 (SET19) application kick-off was officially announced during the World Energy Week in Milan on 10.10.2018. The World Energy Week is the World Energy Council’s (WEC) annual gathering of global energy leaders to promote the sustainable supply and use of energy. Following the 2018 launch at the COP23 in Bonn, the World Energy Week was the perfect platform to announce the opening of the application portal for the SET 2019 Award by highlighting the role of entrepreneurship for the future of energy. The event was attended by a myriad of influencers from the world of energy transition, including Ministers, CEOs and experts in the field. Among the attendees were several of the #SET100 start-ups, including Skeleton Technologies (Estonia/Germany), Heliac (Denmark), tiko energy (Switzerland) and Deciwatt (UK). These start-ups also had the chance to pitch their innovations to the high-level attendees of the World Energy Leaders’ Summit on 11.10.2018. SET100 is a list of the top 100 innovative international start-ups from the annual SET Award competition.

This will be the third edition of the SET Award. SET presents the finalist start-ups with the opportunity to network with a multitude of innovative energy start-ups, international incubators and accelerators, investors and other key stakeholders from the energy and innovation sector. The SET100 of 2019 will be invited for an expenses-paid trip to the World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi.

Applications for SET19 can be submitted in five different categories: 1. Low-Carbon Energy Production, 2. Intelligent Grids, Platforms and Cyber Security, 3. Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices and Storage, 4. Innovative Mobility, 5. Special Prize: Quality Access & SDG-7. In each category, the three most promising applicants will be invited to pitch their ideas at the annual summit of the SET initiative, the SET Tech Festival, happening on 09.04.2019. The deadline to apply is 31.01.2019. Apply here!

Watch the recap video of the kick-off below!

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