SET 100 Interview: tiko Energy Solutions AG

As one of the biggest real-time Smart Grids in the world, tiko enables players within the energy industry, such as utilities, grids and device manufacturers to innovate and create new business models. With the possibility of connecting all kinds of behind-the-meter devices the scalable tiko Virtual Power Plant Platform (VPP) provides you with the technology and confidence to deliver certified energy and grid services while offering smart home energy management to your end-customers. We asked this #SET100 start-up a few questions about their work and their thoughts on the energy market. Check them out here.

What would be a best case scenario for your company?

Seeing the tiko solutions adopted and promoted by the biggest utilities in the world, delivering value to millions of customers, while stabilizing the networks and making a difference in the integration of renewable energies in our energy supply, worldwide. We believe that the change is in every customer’s hand and that the tiko solutions are the perfect enabler.

When did you become interested in the energy sector and why?

tiko Energy Solutions was founded in 2012 following the accident in Fukushima after Swisscom, one of today’s investors, was asked to contribute to the energy turnaround in Switzerland with the goal to get 100% of our energy from renewable sources and thus, prevent such nuclear accidents.

Additionally, the disruption in the energy industry leads to a change from a centralized supply to a decentralized world with distributed energy resources. They had to be managed and integrated into the balancing between energy supply and demand. This was tiko’s starting point.

What’s the best pitch you have ever seen?

We are a fan of Philipp Pausder’s pitches, Co-founder and MD of Thermondo!

What’s your biggest productivity hack?

Achieving more transparency and agility: we use tools such as phabricator and owncloud to ensure information is accessible to all at all times and thus gain efficiency. Once a week we have a „All-hands meeting” and multiply evening events to share information and fun!

Which kind of innovation is most needed right now?

We need innovation that influences the way we consume in order to prevent climate change, and to save our planet. We need to better produce, and better consume. This is only possible through a greater awareness and control over consumer behavior, and disruptive business models enabling solutions to be offered to customers. This is what tiko does: through technologic innovation benefiting all stakeholders of the energy market (utilities, grids, device manufacturers), we help consumers gain insight on their consumption, become prosumers and ultimately consume less, and cleaner, energy.

How you think will innovation shape the world in the next 10 years?

Innovation will empower consumers, enabling them to change the world. In 10 years, people will have the means to better consume and to save money. We believe in a virtuous innovation, delivering win-win situation, where ultimately, we individually benefiting.

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