Innovative Mobility in China with XCharge, SET 18 Finalist

Finalist of the Innovative Mobility category, XCharge provides an integrated “Hardware + Software” system which allows the client to maximize charging revenue while minimizing maintenance costs. For hardware, additional Cortex A8 smart chip allows the adoption of Android OS in the charging stations, which gives great extensibility with support of bluetooth and wifi. For software, XCharge supports innovative functions including turnover management (delay-fee mechanism to increase usage, auto lock to secure charging spot), user group management (different pricing for each user group), and smart output power distribution based on charging behavior data. We spoke to Zoe Yang, Marketing Manager of XCharge to find out more. Check them out on their website here:


What motivated the founders to start the company?

Both founders came from Tesla China, during their time with Tesla, they were program managers responsible for public charging and home charging respectively. It was the determination to help quickly solve the burning issue to every EV owner – difficulty of charging, that brought them and the rest of the founding team together.

What was the process for coming up with your product/innovation?

For the vision of “shared charging” to be realized, we need a “one-stop solution” which allows both charging point operators and customers to easily access and use the charging infrastructure. The R&D of our products started in 2015, and in that single year, 6 products were developed.  Alongside has been the invention of the software management system.

What do you love about the sector work in?

EV sector is looking up and growing so rapidly, especially in China, the largest EV market globally. Now with favorable government policies in place, the market potentials are to be fully explored in the coming year, which puts forward urgent requirements for a smart national charging network to be established quickly. And that experience would also have reference value for other countries and regions as well.

What keeps you up at night?

(Speaking on behalf of the founders) the pressure/ambition of becoming a leading solution provider that connects the energy sector with transportation sector.

How did you find your overall SET experience and what was your favorite part?

It’s been fascinating experience and we especially appreciate the opportunity to join the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue.

What do you think your start-up will look like in three years?

Scaling up quickly to be leading solution provider domestically (with considerable amount of partners & charging networks built), yet also having become strong competitor in foreign markets.

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