Important Announcement: SET Community and SET Award 2024 Application Phase Unaffected by Cyber Attack on dena

Berlin, November 16, 2023: In the wake of a recent cyber attack on dena’s server infrastructure, we want to reassure the SET Community that the SET Award 2024 application phase remains unaffected. Our collaboration with an external partner to process applications ensures that your data remains safe and entirely separate from dena servers.

While dena is not permanently available by phone and email due to the cyberattack, the SET team is committed to maintaining the operation of the SET Tech Festival & Award 2024 via email and LinkedIn. We recognise the importance of this prestigious event and would like to reassure participants that the application phase will continue without interruption.

For all enquiries related to the SET Tech Festival & Award 2024, please reach out to the SET team via email or LinkedIn for now. Additionally, for urgent matters unrelated to the award, please call the number for General enquiries.

General enquiries: +49 162 13 63 764 / Press enquiries: +49 162 97 96 011

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this challenging period. Stay connected, stay secure.

Pia Dorfinger | Rolli M. Vogel | Niklas Feierabend | Tahar Kechrid | Deborah Bartel

The dena press release can be found here:

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