SET 2021 Finalist: PowerUP Paves the Way for Hydrogen Fuel

PowerUP paves the way for noise-free, odourless sustainable generators that require minimal maintenance.

Hydrogen Fuel by PowerUP

When the CEO of this SET 2021 finalist, Ivar Kruusenberg, started exploring the possibilities of hydrogen fuel cell technology, he recognised it could be a game changer in the realm of portable energy generation. His team at PowerUp, a start-up from Estonia, has developed several hydrogen fuel cell generators that could potentially completely replace diesel generators, which are known to be inefficient, resulting in high emissions rates. The team’s ambition also spreads to the whole field of hydrogen as a fuel source. In 2021, PowerUP opened the world’s first Hydrogen Smart cabinet – a grab and go station for tanks of hydrogen. Their progressive work has awarded them a spot as a Start Up Energy Transition 2021 Finalist, offering the team the chance to be selected to land funding and to develop as a player in the international renewable energy field.

To learn more about PowerUP’s technology, our finalist for the second year in a row, visit their website.

SET Tech Festival 2021 – Recap

In 2021, our hybrid festival: both online and in Berlin, which had the motto “Reduce, Reuse, Re-energize,” gathered more than 940 participants from 65 countries. Giving our participants a chance to rethink global enery transition in terms of facilitating a circular economy, the festival included high-level keynotes and panels to address a sustainable energy transition. Feel free to re-watch the inspiring evening!

Each year our community of inventive start-ups is growing a bit more! With the SET100 2022 being finalised by our expert jury, this year is the sixth edition of the SET Tech Festival.Stay tuned to find out which one of our SET22 finalists will win our prestigious prize at the SET Award Ceremony, taking place in Berlin in September 2022.

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