GET100: G20 leaders receive list of 100 outstanding start-ups in energy

Global energy transition can only be successful if the global community pursues it collectively.  This is why the Start Up Energy Transition proudly represents the growing number of start-ups, politicians and innovative corporates working together to secure a sustainable future.

The Start Up Energy Transition Award 2017 attracted more that 550 applications. Since we could only invite 18 finalists to Berlin, we wanted to think of a way to recognize the other high-ranking and transformative applications. As such, we created the #GET100 list of the 100 best applications based on the judges’ rankings!

Download the #GET100 list here

As we share this list with our partners and network supporting us in the fight for a sustainable future, it is our hope that investors, companies and political actors are able to identify start-ups of interest from all over the globe, and foster new relationships in the energy sector! Sometimes, it takes only one successful connection for a start-up to have their breakthrough and make their business a success story.

As one of the key priorities for the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg is advancing the sustainable energy supply, we have sent the #GET100 list to the leaders of the G20 summit to raise awareness about the importance of start-ups and their contribution to a successful energy transition. This list encourages the leaders of the 20 largest economies to realize that the energy transition can only be achieved through supporting innovation – and many start-ups are already developing solutions that can make it happen!

You may find our letter to the G20 leaders below:


A message to the G20 summit:

100 start-ups for the global energy transition

Mr. President,

For the G20 Summit in Hamburg on July 7-8, Host and Chancellor Angela Merkel has placed an increased focus on clean energy and economic development. Within the regulatory framework set by international agreements, it is innovation that crucially impacts and drives progress in these fields.

I am honored to present to you a list of the 100 most innovative applicants of a global award in the energy sector – “Start Up Energy Transition” – conducted by an international consortium of partners, uniting key actors in industry and politics. Our alliance is determined to foster entrepreneurial innovation by exposing the most brilliant ideas to a wider audience.

Their ideas demonstrate that energy can be much more efficient and clean – and contribute to growth, jobs and prosperity worldwide. Together, they are a strong signal of the potential and power of innovation.

We hope that this catalog of innovation will serve as an inspiration for the discussions at the G20 Summit in Hamburg and accelerate the global discourse on the future of energy.


Andreas Kuhlmann, Chief Executive

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