Corporate Challenge: Wincubator, powered by WILO SE

The wincubator is an independent unit of Wilo SE that works at the intersections of smart buildings, cleantech, and water. They support start-ups, young enterprises, and other established companies that leverage new technologies and digitization to create solutions towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future.

The Challenge: Open Data Sharing in Smart Buildings

In buildings, a variety of devices and assets (like pumps, heating systems, lighting installations, elevators etc.) already collect data and feed central building management systems (BMS) with it. In most cases, this data is only accessible for the particular facility management and building owner. For the manufacturers of these devices and assets, this data could be extremely useful. By sharing data, experts could optimize the operation of the particular components so they could be maintained much easier. With this, buildings could run even more efficiently.

To get there, we must address:

  • Which opportunities do we have to receive the data of the single component (e.g. pump)?
  • What kind of added value or incentives could we provide to the facility management or building owner to share the data of the building management system?
  • Which kinds of business models are possible for open data usage?

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