Corporate Challenge: Vattenfall green:field

The green:field platform brings together two different worlds of the renewable energy sector: dynamic start-ups with innovative ideas and the experience and resources of a big corporate like Vattenfall. Via the green:field platform, start-ups are considered partners who can bring new ideas to Vattenfall and help them improve and develop the business.

The Challenge: Implement the IoT in Energy

Decentralized generation leads to a large-scale implementation of hardware in millions of households and businesses. The distribution, management and monitoring is a big challenge in itself. However, future benefit can be generated by software that makes metering smart and enables consumers to trade and capture values out of data.

Key questions to be addressed:

  • What’s available on the market today in terms of technology, functionality, cost and data security?
  • What are the key obstacles for a fully deployed IoT across energy?
  • What is important for the customer?
  • How can we solve these obstacles together with you and your startup? 

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