Winner Thermal Energy Service Solutions (TESSOL) Pvt. Ltd., India

TESSOL Pvt. Ltd.
Mobility Meets Energy Transition

TESSOL Pvt. Ltd., India

Logo TESSOLTESSOL is one of the fastest growing cold chain technology companies in

  • Its PLUGnCHILL range of products for transport refrigeration use the proprietary PCM heat exchanger technology to provide 60% cost savings while eliminating the use of any fuel.
  • TESSOL products are marketed pan India and are being launched in the UAE for the middle-eastern market.
  • Widely awarded from global institutions for its innovation, TESSOL is a venture backed company led by a highly experienced and qualified team from most premier institutes of the world.

Our product contributes to all three areas in the temperature controlled transport and storage applications. Every PLUGnCHILL small vehicle on the field eliminates 1000 liters of diesel per annum leading to a huge environmental impact. The cold storage solutions need only 5-6 hours of power in a day to maintain temperatures for a full day thereby eliminating backup power at the farm level. With future applications in mobile and static air conditioning, the product has a huge potential in impacting the global energy economy.