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Sicoya GmbH, Germany

Logo SicoyaAnnual global IP traffic is expected to exceed the Zettabyte threshold in 2017 and will continue to grow by 20 % CAGR in the next coming years. A lot of internet technologies will lead to a lot of energy consumption and all of this data has to be connected within data centers. Thehallenge is to lower the energy consumption in the big data centers.

  • Sicoya designs, packages and sells silicon photonics based application specific photonic integrated circuits (ASPICs) for low cost optical data center interconnects with superior performance.
  • Sicoya’s advanced data center solutions are based on the co-integration of ultra-small optical modulators and detectors with electrical drivers and amplifiers into one single chip.

Sicoya and its foundry IHP microelectronics fabricating cointegrated transceiver chips using a so-called SiGe-BiCMOS process enabling Sicoya to realize the integrated designs with both the analog electronics and the optics on the same silicon chip with lithographic precision. This approach enables a variety of customer segments and individualized applications for the end user. This leads to a drastic reduction of  the amount of assembly steps for the packaging. This allows for significant cost degression effects for data centers and energy consumption worldwide.