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ME SOLshare Ltd., Bangladesh

Logo solshareME SOLshare Ltd. is a social enterprise that provides peer-to-peer solar energy trading platforms and pay-as-you-go solutions to low-income households. SOLshare, the pioneer of the micro-energy transition model, interconnects solar home systems and empowers its users to earn a direct income from the sun. SOLshare’s swarm electrification approach empowers people to become solar entrepreneurs and take action into their own hands.

SOLshare aims to create a decentralized world of „social“ utilities that are entirely powered by solar panels. The challenge faced by the utilities in the Global South with a large off-grid population is threefold:

  • to increase the number of customers while
  • keeping the service quality high and
  • ideally using as much green energy as possible.

The key strategic move is that it needs a functional national grid for power generation as any other country. However, to reach a large number of dispersed rural customers solutions need to stay simple and low-cost for the utility. We suggest a single access point, a point of common coupling, where interconnected decentralized solutions get connected to the national grid in a single point and as close as possible to the national grid.

SET Award Winner 2017
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