SET and the World Energy Council agree on partnership

The World Energy Council, the world’s foremost principal impartial network of energy leaders, has joined forces with dena to create the premier global platform to celebrate and promote innovation.

“We are excited to partner with dena on systematic identification of most promising innovation ventures around the world and make sure we work with leading innovators to understand scope, time frame and success factors of key innovation areas.”

Christoph Frei, CEO & Secretary General, World Energy Council

Since its foundation in 1923, the World Energy Council has evolved into one of the world’s most influential energy organisations promoting sustainable energy for the greatest benefit of all. As a UN-accredited global energy body, the Council represents the entire energy spectrum, with more than 3,000 member organisations located in almost 100 countries and drawn from governments, private and state corporations, academia, NGOs and energy-related stakeholders.

The fast-paced development of new technologies, the digital revolution and the global environmental challenges present innovation opportunities for companies and start-ups all over the world. Building on the Council’s unique network and capacity, the aim of this strategic partnership is to identify and support the entrepreneurs to succeed, creating those key connection opportunities offered by global platforms.

A platform for global visibility

– To identify the most promising innovation ventures from around the world, based on categories that reflect the critical innovation areas driving the energy transition (as recognised by the World Energy Issues Monitor).

– To bring innovation into the spotlight at the most important global energy event: the 24th World Energy Congress to be held in Abu Dhabi in 2019, where Day 4 will be entirely dedicated to Innovation offering opportunities for pitches, meetups and ways to celebrate the work of innovators.

A platform to connect innovators with opportunities for development, investment, and research

– To create a network of likeminded innovators & start-ups from around the world who are leading the energy transition.

– To link up the innovators’ network with energy leaders, financiers, and sectoral experts from the existing World Energy Council network including over 3000 organisations in almost 100 countries.

A platform to bring innovation at the heart of the energy dialogue and influence regulation

– To engage tech entrepreneurs and ensure their insights, experience and cutting-edge developments in the energy space are incorporated into the Council’s neutral and fact-based analysis work. This includes a World Energy Issues Monitor – special Innovators (Are you an innovator? Provide your insights now).

– To support the dialogue between innovators and policymakers to build regulation that encourages innovative processes and business models and help countries address the challenges of the energy trilemma and climate change.

For more information regarding the World Energy Council/dena partnership, contact Florence Mazzone, mazzone@worldenergy.org, Alex Khripko, khripko@dena.de