Hopin User Experience Guide

SET Week Online 2020 Hopin User Experience Guide

SET Week Online 2020 - User Experience Guide

Getting familiar with the Hopin platform

SET Week Online 2020 will be hosted on the Hopin online event platform from october 19 to 22. Register and enjoy full access to the SET Week mainstage, sessions, online exhibitors, networking opportunities and more. Follow this guide and you will be moving from session to session and networking seamlessly in no time!

Important Technical Tips:

  • Use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and make sure you turn off your ad blockers *
  • Mobile browsers: Safari on iOS and Google Chrome on Android.
  • Have at least 5 bandwidths to stream properly

*Note: Sometimes, third-party extensions can affect the experience blocking some of the Hopin interface elements. That’s why we also recommend opening the event in Incognito mode (command+Shift+N on macOS or Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows) on Chrome or Private tab (command+Shift+P for macOS or Ctrl+Shift+P for Windows) on Firefox.

Setting up your Hopin Profile

Your profile will let others know about who you are, your company and whom you are looking to connect with. The more complete your profile is, the easier it will be for others to find you.

Tips on updating your profile:

  • A profile photo is a great way to make your profile more personable, kind of like actually being at an event.
  • Headline – Don’t forget to add your company name and work title
  • A brief bio is important – This section is really for you to describe why you are attending SET Week.
  • Your email address – think of this information as your digital business card and including your email will be a way for someone to reach out and connect with you after the event.
  • Don’t forget to also link to your social media!

The different SET Week Areas


The Main Stage is where you can follow the Welcome Address, Keynotes, SET Talks, Panel sessions, AWARD Ceremony and more during all four days of SET Week. The agenda is available in the event Reception description and HERE.


Here you will find all the parallel workshops, panels and One-Slide Pitches.

In sessions with multiple people, double-clicking on a specific screen allows you to enlarge it and bring it into focus. Each session has a session chat (separate from the event-wide chat) where you can interact with the session speakers.


Connect and share your stories with like-minded SET attendees. Make sure your camera and microphone are allowed for hopin.to website and your web browser.

Expo Area

Meet all of our exciting partners in the Expo area. Be sure to click “Share Audio and Video” in the upper-right corner to enable interactions with the booth presenter.


For more information check out Hopin’s support page or this quick video guide: