Finalist XCharge

Innovative Mobility

XCharge, China

XCharge is determined to provide integrated services of hardware and software solutions that enable the charging capacity improvements for energy companies, fleet operators, and parking lot operators worldwide.

XCharge provides integrated “Hardware + Software” system which allows the client to maximize charging revenue while minimizing maintenance costs.
For hardware, additional Cortex A8 smart chip allows the adoption of Android OS in the charging stations, which gives great extensibility with support of bluetooth and wifi etc. For software, XCharge supports innovative functions including turnover management (delay-fee mechanism to increase usage, auto lock to secure charging spot), user group management (different pricing for each user group), and smart output power distribution based on charging behavior data.

SET Award Finalists 2018
Category: Innovative Mobility

Revolutionizing EV Hardware & Software: An Interview with XCharge's Zheng Fan