Finalist Volex Power

Volex Power
Low-Carbon Energy Production

Volex Power, Israel

Logo Volex PowerVolex Power enables the power grid to achieve a 100 percent penetration of renewable energy, through real-time localized volt stabilization. The company’s potential customers are power utilities.

Volex power is developing an add-on hardware unit that can be fitted to existing distribution power transformers. The add-on unit allows for the real-time voltage control of the output of the distribution transformer. The add-on itself only process a small amount of the power (roughly 5 percent) and is lighter, smaller and cheaper than the existing solution of tap-transformers. As it is based on power electronics, it allows for fast reaction time. Once installed, voltage, current, temperature and various other additional sensors are attached, allowing for a hybrid hardware and control software solution for real time voltage optimization and local grid distribution.

SET Award Finalists 2018
Category: Low-Carbon Energy Production