Finalist SparkMeter, Inc., USA

SparkMeter, Inc.

Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage

SparkMeter, Inc., USA

Logo SparkmeterSparkMeter offers comprehensive low-cost metering solutions for everything from rural micro-grids to existing urban central grid utilities. Their products help make access to electricity possible in hard-to-reach places and underserved markets.

SparkMeter is a key enabler to sustainable microgrid operations.  Just as “pay as you go” (PAYG) technology has enabled solar home systems to scale (not long ago they were limited to financing through microloans underwritten by MFIs), SparkMeter solves problems intrinsic to grid assets that serve low-income populations, have limited power supply, and are hard to reach. The technology specifically addresses those problems by providing real-time information, providing a built-in payment platform that can be adapted into many different sales models and is mobile-money ready, and can manage loads dynamically to balance supply with demand.

SET Award Finalists 2018
Category: Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage

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