Finalist SOLHO B.V., Netherlands

Energy, Water, and Food

SOLHO B.V., Netherlands

Logo SolhoBy 2050 Agriculture must dramatically increase food production to sustain the global population, with fewer resources and reduced environmental impact. According to SOLHO B.V. no technology exists to achieve this target.  SOLHO wants to bridge this gap: the startup developed an innovative system called SPRHOUT (Solar-PoweRed Horticultural Off-grid UniT). The SPRHOUT uses sun and seawater to generate all the streams required to operate a greenhouse facility.

The key components constituting the SPRHOUT technology are a field of solar thermal collectors (SF), a power unit (PU) converting thermal energy into electricity, a thermal energy storage (TES) system allowing round-the-clock operation of the PU, a thermal-driven desalination unit (DES) producing fresh-water for the greenhouse and a system capturing CO2 from the air (CC) which is then injected into the greenhouse for higher growth rate.

SET Award Winner 2018
Category: Energy, Water, and Food