Finalist RatedPower, Spain

Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security

RatedPower, Spain

Logo Rated PowerpvDesign is a cloud-based software (SaaS) that allows automating the utility-scale solar PV power plant feasibility analysis, design and basic engineering process, making it much faster (according to RatedPower from two or three weeks to five minutes), accurate and reliable (according to RatedPower errors reduction from ten percent down to 3.5 percent).

According to RatedPower they developed the first global software to automate the whole process of designing, optimization, and engineering of solar PV plants. Before, there were engineering companies producing manually or software that automates some other parts of the project design. From the computing aspect, the web application service (SaaS) was developed under the software platform Spring Boot, a platform that uses Java 8, Tomcat 8, MySQL as a database. This application consults external APIs and is hosted in the cloud AWS (Amazon Web Services) with continuous integration (Travis, Docker), and encrypted (HTTPS). From the technical aspect (renewable energy industry), the app develops the engineering of a PV plant, exporting reports, spreadsheets and drawings in Word, Excel, CAD, PDF and online.

SET Award Finalist 2018
Category: Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security

Cloud-based Automation for Utility Scale PV: An Interview with RatedPower's Andrea Barber