Finalist Pollinate Energy India Pvt Ltd., India

Pollinate Energy India Pvt Ltd.
Special Prize: SDG-7

Pollinate Energy India Pvt Ltd., India

Logo Pollinate EnergyPollinate Energy brings life-changing products like solar lanterns or solar fans to people who need them most. For urban Indian communities, Pollinate Energy is the missing link in the chain that allows them to access, understand, and afford household products that make daily life easier. We do all this whilst creating job and skill development opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds – our Pollinators.

Pollinate Energy recruits, trains and supports local entrepreneurs (Pollinators) to service ~20 slum communities each in their home city. These Pollinators go door-to-door offering life-changing products such as solar lanterns, mobile phones, solar fans, mosquito nets and more, on payment plans. The products are provided to the family on day 1, and repaid within 5-12 weeks. The Pollinators manage their payment plan portfolio using a custom built-mobile app backed by salesforce.

SET Award Finalist 2018
Category: Special Prize: SDG-7

Creating Jobs and Providing Energy: An Interview with Pollinate Energy's Marie-Luise Schega