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Innovative Mobility

MotionTag, Germany

Logo Motion TagMotionTag has developed a technology, based on machine learning on smartphone sensors, which recognizes when, where and how people travel, thus providing essential mobility data to transport providers. The business model is a B2B mobility platform offering a seamless experience to the user, and a data collection and analysis part for their customers. With a ticketing solution, MotionTag will obtain an exact revenue split from each ticket sold over the platform. The analytics solution is a volume based SaaS model: The customers of MotionTag pay per analyzed user.
MotionTag thinks the future of transportation lies in easy traveling, achieved by seamlessly combining different transport modes. MotionTag developed a technology that will allow the user to experience this new way of intermodal traveling. MotionTag uses machine learning to analyze smartphone sensor data in a battery efficient way. Through algorithms, MotionTag reliably identify where, when and how users travel. The start-up detects passively, fully automatically and in near real-time ten different transport types.
MotionTag develops a platform for seamless pay-as-you-go ticketing. The users only need a smartphone in their pocket for traveling. Moreover, this solution increases the competitiveness of the operator. This approach leads to a more demand driven and user centric service and could offer personalized travel options while optimizing capacity and driving revenue growth.

SET Award Finalist 2018
Category: Innovative Mobility