Finalist Meva Energy, Sweden

Meva Energy
Low-Carbon Energy Production

Meva Energy, Sweden

Logo Meva EnergyMeva Energy develops and offers biomass gasification technology for low-cost decentralized biogas production for industries. It addresses two problems: Poor utilization of locally available biomass waste residue and no attractive renewable solutions for industries looking to reduce their carbon footprint in terms of fossil gas consumption or power consumption. After extensive technical development and engineering and verification in a full-scale plant Meva Energy is ready for commercialization and market break-through in 2018. Unlike conventional gasification systems Meva Energys gasification system is based on so-called entrained flow gasification. This enables the usage of fine-fraction feedstocks such as saw dust or wood fibre. Such feedstocks are more low cost than more conventional biomass types such as wood chips and pellets.
A further feature of entrained flow gasification is the character of the gas production: it is very even and stable in character. This is a key feature enabling the use of lean-burn engines and burners when the gas is combusted. Such lean-burn systems enable high efficiency and are generally a condition in itself when it comes to the utilization of low calorific renewable gas.

Revolutionizing Bio-gas Generation: An Interview with Niclas Davidsson of Meva Energy