Finalist Leanheat Oy, Finland

Leanheat Oy

Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage

Leanheat Oy, Finland

Logo LeanheatLeanheat is a Finnish software company improving the energy efficiency and predictive maintenance of buildings with Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Technology. It has been installed in tens of thousands of residences in Finland and Leanheat’s goal is to grow the business internationally.

Leanheat is designed for centrally heated residential buildings. It provides heat energy optimization based on a service-level-agreement where the indoor climate targets have been defined. The solution is suitable for all kind of properties but brings the biggest impact while retrofitted to older buildings.

The software utilizes technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The system is built on an Internet of Things sensor network as Leanheat equips the building with wireless sensors and systems for remote control. The collected data is then used to optimize building heating imbalances and to dynamically adjust building heating systems. The software is comprised of several products: Leanheat CloudControl, Leanheat Peak Power Shifting and Leanheat Demand Response.

Energy Efficient Buildings to Fight Climate Change: An Interview with Leanheat's Jukka Aho