Finalist Coolar UG, Germany

Coolar UG
Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage

Coolar UG, Germany

Logo CoolarCoolar is working on a completely electricity-independent and instead, solar hot water-powered, 100 percent water-based refrigerator. At first, the start-up is focusing on vaccine cooling in remote off-grid areas due to the high value of vaccines and the fact that they currently are damaged by bad cooling in 75 percent of the cases. In the long term, the upside is in Coolar’s core technology, as a sustainable alternative to the conventional harmful cooling fluids in every cooling device.

Coolar has developed an innovative refrigerator that cools without electricity and instead is powered by hot water, generated simply with heat from the sun. Combined with a robust thermal storage system, it can guarantee stable performance at night. Coolar’s revolutionary cooling system is completely non-hazardous.

It uses just water as a cooling fluid and powers an adsorption cooling cycle with nano-porous silica-gel in a sealed system. This way there is no risk of harmful refrigerant emissions later in the device’s life cycle, as is the case with conventional refrigerators or ACs. It also contains no moving parts like compressors in conventional refrigerators – this increases the durability and overall lifetime of the device as there is no wear in the system.

SET Award Winner 2018
Category: Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage

Electricity Free Cooling: An Interview with Coolar UG's Christoph Göller