Finalist BioLite Inc., USA

BioLite Inc.
Special Prize: SDG-7

BioLite Inc., USA

BioLite designs and develops household-scale clean energy technologies, working with last-mile distributors and consumer finance providers to reach off-grid consumers. Their goal is to improve energy access for off-grid households through technologies such as clean cookstoves and solar lights.

BioLite offers two products to improve energy access for off-grid households:

The HomeStove – a fan-assisted, biomass stove that reduces toxic emissions and fuel consumption. The HomeStove co-generates 2W of electricity from the flame, enabling users to charge mobile phones and lights via a USB port. The HomeStove is compatible with locally available fuels (e.g. wood, cow dung, or crop waste), and consistent with local cooking practices.

BioLite’s SolarHome brings modern lighting, energy, and entertainment to the off-grid home. The system contains a 20Wh battery; a 6W solar panel; three hanging lights; an additional light on the base unit; a built-in FM radio and MP3 player; two USB ports. It comes equipped with Pay-As-You-Go technology – customers activate the device by sending payments over mobile money. The solar home system is also expandable to 30W, allowing it to power TVs and fans.

SET Award Finalist 2018
Category: Special Prize: SDG-7

Bringing Energy Everywhere: An Interview with Biolite's Matthew Goldberg