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AgriProtein Holdings
Energy, Water and Food

AgriProtein Holdings, Gibraltar

Logo AgriProteinAgriProtein helps provide sustainable protein to the world, while reducing waste-to-landfill, and mitigating greenhouse gases. AgriProtein’s bioconversion process takes organic waste from food factories, supermarkets, farms, and restaurants, which would otherwise go to landfill and result in the generation of methane, an important greenhouse gas. The company recycles organic waste using proprietary insect rearing technologies and know-how. Their facilities can be constructed wherever there is an organic waste problem, which is a basically global issue.

AgriProtein is part of a new industry: nutrient recycling. The AgriProtein flies are kept in biosecure conditions, researched by scientists and engineers. Specific light wavelengths that mimic dawn and dusk the natural times of wild reproduction, fly sexing techniques, digital environmental control, and fluctuating day cycles ensure a maximized egg production from each cubic meter. Traceability across multiple supply lines is delivered by supplier control software. Real time pH and other quality control checks are performed to ensure that these organic waste streams come together to make just the right consistent diet for the larvae.

SET Award Finalist 2018
Category: Energy, Water and Food