Finalist Acacia Innovations Ltd., Kenya

Acacia Innovations Ltd.
Special Prize: SDG-7

Acacia Innovations Ltd., Kenya

Logo AcaciaAcacia Innovations makes modern and clean cooking affordable for schools in Kenya, through a subscription model which allows schools to get an affordable clean cookstove when they sign a contract to purchase Kuni Safi biomass briquettes made of sugarcane waste (an alternative to firewood). According to Acacia, 75,000 students have benefited in over 150 schools with a smoke-free learning experience and lower costs for school meals.

Acacia supplies biomass briquettes to schools and small businesses. The company sources sugarcane waste briquettes from a sugar factory and distributes them. It helps save Kenya‘s trees as well as the school’s firewood budget.

Acacia has recently designed and prototyped a cookstove for small schools and hotels and restaurants to use their „Kuni Safi“ briquettes. Customers can purchase the cookstove at half-price if they sign a contract to buy Kuni Safi fuel based on a subscription model, thereby removing the large upfront cost of an institutional energy-saving cookstove.

SET Award Winner 2018
Category: Special Prize: SDG-7

Eco-Friendly Solutions to Kenyan Energy Access: An Interview with Acacia Innovations' Elana Laichena