Finalist Brinergy Tech., S.L., Spain

Brinergy Tech., S.L.
Energy, Water and Food

Brinergy Tech., S.L., Spain

Logo BrinergyBrinergy develops sustainable and profitable solutions for water management. The company was born as a start-up dedicated to developing and applying Capacitive Deionization (CDI) at real scale for energy-neutral desalination. The start up brings together knowledge generated both in Europe (Canary Islands, Spain) and the US (Stanford University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – LLNL).

Brinergy applies the technology CDI for low energy use in desalination processes. CDI removes salt from brackish water applying an electrical voltage difference. The energy efficiency of CDI is due the fact that the salt, the minority compound in the water, is removed from the mixture. Other methods extract the majority phase, the water, from the salt solution. The technology releases energy, which can be utilised during the process. In this way energy recovery is possible.

Brinergy is working on the development of a combined system of CDI with other ad hoc technologies and, in collaboration with Stanford University and the LLNL, on an efficient material for CDI.

SET Award Finalists 2018
Category: Energy, Water and Food