Start Up Energy Transition

Start Up Energy Transition is a global initiative for visionaries and vanguards fighting climate change.  Our initiative is based on three pillars: The Award identifies the most promising start-ups worldwide working on energy transition. The Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival will bring together start-ups, international venture capitalists & investors, and partners in the public sector. The Start Up Energy Transition Network will be a global platform linking like-minded people from various fields to promote Innovation in Energy Transition and to make global energy transition a success.

Connecting minds for a greater good.

Why we need the Energy Transition now

“Global energy transition is one of the biggest challenges in human history. But it is also an amazing opportunity for combining innovative business and political will to create a sustainable energy solution for the planet to prevent climate change. Tomorrow’s energy system is already in the making — an endeavor in which established players and start-ups fight side by side.

The German Energy Agency (dena) is one of the promoters of this process. It brings together partners from politics and the corporate world, investors and startups across many sectors and countries to make energy transition a success: Connecting minds for a greater good.

We know, our goals for a sustainable future are ambitious. They will include a wide range of sectors and need a focus on innovation. For this reason, we have decided to build a global community focusing on ‘Innovation in Energy Transition’. That’s why dena and its partners are initiating the Start Up Energy Transition Award. More than 70 partners from over 20 countries are already with us. Now it is up to you: Be part of it!"

Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO German Energy-Agency (dena)

Our Ambassador Patricia Espinosa on the Start Up Energy Transition Award